We offer mobile advertising solutions to help businesses and organizations drive their unique message deep into their target markets. Advertisers can use the power and convenience of our traveling mobile digital LED billboards to deliver compelling advertisements, gaining massive exposure and broad coverage within designated areas.

According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, mobile billboards generate the highest return on investment and the lowest cost compared to many other advertising mediums. Here is the good news: MinuteMobile gives businesses and organizations the wheels to run targeted mobile advertising campaigns at budget friendly rates.

Learn more about our message-on-wheels (MOW) advertising solutions, and discover how we can drive success to your business.


The message-on-wheels (MOW) edge

Our message-on-wheels (MOW) advertising platform combines two of the most powerful forms of advertising today (digital billboards and mobile billboards) into a cost effective mobile digital solution to deliver attention-grabbing advertisements that will spur your prospective customers to action.

Top Benefits of MOW

MOW is ideal for:

- High Return on Investment
- Top of Mind Awareness
- Penetrating Reach
- Broad Coverage
- High Traffic Visibility
- Versatile and Flexible

- Product Launches
- Brand Promotions
- Political Campaigns
- Open Houses
- Concerts and Parades
… the possibilities are endless!

A captivating medium, a world of creative display options

With MOW, businesses and organizations now have a road-ready solution to help take their message to the center of their potential markets in any combination of three easy ways:

- Vehicle Brand Wrap – Will a moving truck draped in your company’s logo attract attention? You bet!

- Digital Advertisement Loop – create lasting memories and spur potential customers to action by bombarding them with multiple well-timed impressions of your product or event.

- Plastered Advertisement – increase the visibility of your brand by advertising exclusively on the back of our mobile platform.

What’s more, our eagle-eyed design team can liven up your advertisement with a blend of colorful images and video footage to get your target market to respond to your message.

Read on to find out how you can use MOW to light up entire target neighborhoods with your core message at unbelievably budget-friendly rates and with astonishing depth and clarity.

On The Road

With the benefit of strategic routing, we will help take your message through designated high traffic areas. Our MOW platform rolls through busy streets and stops at major intersections to give your advertisement the commanding presence it deserves.

Broad Street

Passyunk Avenue

Washington Avenue

Chestnut Street

Market Street

Spring Garden Street

Germantown Avenue

Olney Avenue

Girard Avenue

City Avenue

Red Lion Road

Bonus! 30th Street Station, Frankford, Olney Terminus

Do you have a specific route in mind? Not a problem! We can help you customize your route based on the demands of your market.